Brand Repair

Review, refresh, revive!
Brands can get tired, lose energy, feel dated.
A correctly updated brand will enliven the marketplace,
reinvigorate a category, and increase sales.

Salmolux Sea Passion:
Salmolux sales were tepid, with little new interest from the marketplace. The entire line was repositioned with a proprietary sub-brand name, “Sea Passion.” The product window was given primacy, the delicious fish cuts shown against the defining edges of a category ribbon, and further emphasized by the overlapping brand frame. The typography triangulates for a stately, simple reading order, and the package features added depth and complexity courtesy of a romantic painting of fishing boats on the tide. Importantly, the original package color scheme, a cheerful harmony of yellow and blue, was retained and re-emphasized in the new format.

Bella Sun Luci:
Bella Sun Luci makes the world’s best sun-dried tomatoes! Just ask Safeway and Costco, where these products are best sellers. We formalized the logotype, with custom lettering and a decorative illustration that frames a central information panel. The words describing the category, “Sun Dried” are given primacy, and each product is identified by a jewel-tone color that contrasts pleasantly with the bright red tomatoes. Metallic ink and eight-color flexographic printing create surface interest. The packages gain impact when seen as a group, a fact that encourages shoppers to buy the entire set.

Willamette Egg Farms:
Brown eggs are traditionally sold as a commodity – slightly more exotic than white eggs, but not exactly special. For Willamette Egg Farms we branded the brown egg program, creating a family look that incorporates a “specialty food” image of farm-direct, homespun goodness, all married with unique health and sustainability claims. The new Cage Free, Omega 3, Vegetarian Fed and Organic brown eggs enliven the egg case and fetch a handsome premium. The new look was so successful that we were asked to apply the design to a suite of twelve products.